Thursday, August 27, 2009

Always a Daddy's Little Girl

I was only 15 years old when my dad passed away due to Respiratory Arrest as the immediate cause of his death. And from then on, I began to realize that I had to be a mature person, that I had to stand on my own, make decisions for myself, do manly chores I never used to and be ready for the real world without him standing by my side.
Years passed by, and in my moment of solitude, I am still yearning for that father's hands I never had for the past 17 years of my life. Those hands that always pampers me whenever I am down. That same hand that I used to pay respect and say "goodnight po!". That same hand that holds my shoulder and says "you can do it, anak". That hand that always put me to sleep at night. That same hand who holds my hands that afternoon of 07 November 1992 to say goodbye. If only I knew then that was the last time we will hold each other's hands perhaps I would hold it so tight and so long for him to know that I can not live without him.
Seventeen years had passed, I am still yearning for his hands during my loneliness and my happiness. But nevertheless, I know that he may not be with me physically, but I know in spirits he will always my DAD'S PROMISE. That he will always guide me wherever I may be and whatever I am doing.
I know that he is happy and proud coz his little girl has grown up to be matured and very strong. I know I will always be... my Daddy's Little Girl.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Thank You

After so many heartaches and failed relationships in the past, who would ever thought that I would meet someone I would truly love for the past four years...

Thank you for the friendship, when everybody turned their back from me.

Thank you for the unlimited love you showered me, when I am alone in a cold dark room.

Thank you for the never-ending patience, when I began to scream out of nothing.

Thank you for a helping hand, when things are too heavy for me to carry.

Thank you for the shoulder for me to cry on, when I don't want others to feel am weak.

Thank you for compliments, when others did not notice any of my accomplishments.

Mostly, thank God for sending YOU when I almost gave up.

Happy Anniversary!!!

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