Thursday, January 28, 2010

It's Gonna Make Sense

As I am browsing for some videos on YouTube, I came across with this song. I stopped and took time to know the lyrics of the song.It has sense actually.It's the reality of life.Life has many shapes and colors.As we go on our journey of life, each of us will go through it.It only depends on us on how we will accept it.But,we should not forget that in each rain that passes us,there would always be rainbow after and the sun will give you light again to give you hope.Only then we would know the lessons behind it.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Dinner @ Seoul Garden

just had dinner with my sis and my bf at Seoul Garden - Tampines Mall Branch. So yummy and so full. Eat all you can.

Friday, January 22, 2010

My HomeComing 2010

After 13 months away from my homeland, here I am boarded in the Philippine Airlines Airbus. Exactly 10 pm of 10February2010 we went to Changi Airport to check in our baggages. I am excited but I am sad coz I know I will leave my bf behind. But, I know this is just temporary... I'll be back! That's for sure. But more prepared and confident.

I am not a failure. I am not a loser. But...I am a winner in ways. I have with me my priceless memories and experiences.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

I will miss you too...

In less than a month, I'll be coming home again. I have mixed emotions now. My bf told me that he will be sad when I am away, despite the number of sms we promised...despite the fact that we promised that we will go online everyday. If only he knew what I've been feeling all this time. Physical presence is still important to us. I've been here in Singapore for exactly a year now. We always see each other in eye-to-eye. Who will take care of his meals? His laundry? I know God has better plans for us. I know I'll be back here His time. I just hope that God will continue to bless us with more courage to face each trial that we will encounter and more strength to go on with our dreams.

In God's time, we will be together again...

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I am back!

hello world! i am definit'ly back. i've been away from my blog for a number of months. i don't have anything to write on. i am lost. i can't see anything on my self.

last week, i decided to go back. go back where i know i can still continue my struggle. i know it's not yet the end of my journey here, but there are things that i should face first. things that i should not left behind...hanging... i booked my flight with Philippine Airlines and it was confirmed.

i am now ready to be back. back in my own world.

i will miss Singapore but i DEFINITELY miss the Philippines.

just welcome me again Singapore when i come back.

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