Sunday, September 27, 2009

Away from my Mom during Typhoon 'Ondoy'

This is the first time I am away from the rainy season of the Philippines and I am so much worried coz I left my Mom in my hometown of Malabon City. Although, there is still my Ninang and Ninong around to see if my Mom is okay, it is still best that I am there at her side.
When I watched the news regarding the Typhoon 'Ondoy' (courtesy of TV Patrol World Sabado-TFC), I first saw the flooded roads of EDSA, Marikina City and Provinces of Rizal. I then grabbed my celphone and dialed my mother's mobile number. She's okay. Well, that's according to her. She said that the flooded waters reached the inside of our house and when you get out of our house it was a neck-deep high. Gosh! In my years of stay there, I never experienced such a disaster. All of our things are in their high places (tables, i guess!)
I am so worried. There's no electricity at all. There is no PLDT line, since our outlet is under flood waters.
Just few moments ago, I read that there's an upcoming typhoon. Waaaahhh!!! If only my place is just a bus away, I would take the risk just to be with my Mom. I know she needs me. By the way, my Mom is very old to take care of her. I just want to be with her side. I want to console her.
All I can do now, is to pray, pray and pray so hard so that God will not let the next typhoon enter the Philippines.

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