Friday, July 24, 2009

Banana Split Friendship

She was a total stranger to me at first. A partner of a former classmate. A woman behind a man was all I know about her. I can't even remember if I actually met her at her partners' September 2004 birthday celebration. That's how petty my memory about her. Then days, weeks and months passed by, I began to know her not just my friends' partner but a simple woman with so much things to share with you. Our closeness started with a sensitive event in my life.I shared some sensitive thoughts with her.And to be honest, I even appreciated that event in my life. Though, it's just a one day sadness of my life and I even lost somebody,but it equates a lifetime friendship from her.We used to go out and eat banana split without parterns in a cold rainy day.And that's how it all started. That BANANA SPLIT FRIENDSHIP. It's been years since then, we rarely go out and that banana split event didn't happened again, but wishin' there'll be next time.We may not see each other to be called as friends, buddies or pals but distance is not a hindrance to our so called BANANA SPLIT FRIENDSHIP. Thank you for being there....We even have something in common, right Mariel?

1 comment:

  1. Ei Girl,
    touch naman ako! Thanks for being a friend,i never thought that you do appreciate me. Thanks talaga and wait for my side of story of banana split heheheh....hope na mas maging closer at lasting and friendship natin.
    Love yah!


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