Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A Test of Friendship

A Test of Friendship
We used to be close friends even closed to sisters. We used to share some ideas and some heartaches. We used to share some happy moments. We used to go on an out of town escapades. We used to share some secrets.We used each other “FRIEND”....
But what happened to us? We became cold as ice. We became strangers in some ways. We parted ways, not even talked about what happened to us. I felt that I am no longer part of world, the same way you felt that you are not part of my world. I am not the first who pushed myself away. Remember, that we used to share merienda before, but then HE came into my life, then you gave us space even if we did not asked for it. There’s always time for friendship and romance. And that moment is meant for our friendship and not for romance for Him. Many things happened in the past, that I already opened up. All those things that I’ve waited for so long to unleash.Things that might have been broken our friendship and built a very high wall in between us.
I think...I’ve said enough....all the things that blocked our friendship. We can no longer go back to those days and make some changes, but we can start from where we left behind. How? I don’t know.... What’s important for me is that you know how I felt before. And that it may lower down the barriers between us.
It may not be that simple and easy...but who knows....

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